Beverage Packages

Beverage Packages

At the buffet restaurant, drink dispensers offer coffee, tea, iced tea and water round the clock and free of charge.

In addition, you can choose between several beverage packages, that you can add to your booking in the Cruise Personalizer:

1. Non-alcoholic drinks – as many as you like: Classic Soda and Package

We have updated the Classic Soda Package, replacing the current unlimited soda and more package:

  • Priced at USD 9.99/day plus gratuity (USD 14.99/day for Australia-based voyages)

As part of the Classic Soda Package, guests will receive a new souvenir tumbler and enjoy unlimited:

- Fountain Sodas
- Fresh Juices
- Mocktails
- Smoothies

2. Non-alcoholic drinks – as many as you like: Zero Alcohol Package

  • The new package is the Zero Alcohol Package which has the benefits of the Zero Alcohol Package with the addition of unlimited specialty coffees, (brewed and espresso-based), and more.
    Priced at USD 19.99/day plus gratuity (USD 25.99/day for Australia-based voyages).
  • As part of the Zero Alcohol Package, guests will receive a new souvenir tumbler and enjoy unlimited:

- Fountain Sodas
- Fresh Juices
- Mocktails
- Smoothies
- Premium Coffee, Espresso And Teas
- Hot Chocolate
- Energy Drinks
- Milkshakes

Zero Alcohol Package purchases also will receive a 25% discount on bottled water and canned soda (we provide canned soda at no charge as part of the package in select locations where fountain is not available such as Princess Cays, or other locations at the vessels discretion)

3. Drinks - Plus-Beverage Package

  • Available at a rate of USD 59.99 per person, per day, plus service charges of 18% independent of the duration of your cruise
  • The package must be purchased for the entire cruise.
  • The minimum age is 21.
  • The following beverages are included: All beer, wine by the glass and cocktails (up tp USD 12), bottled water (500ml only), a one-liter bottle of water for dinner at the specialty restaurants, fountain sodas, fresh juices, specialty coffees and teas, Red Bull energy drinks, Gong Cha items, frappe’s at Coffee & Cones, smoothies and milk shakes
  • In addition, there will be a discount of 25% on all bottles of wine, one-liter bottles of water, canned soda, and bottled juices.
  • Enjoy the convenience of your beverage package on our Private Islands (e.g. Princess Cays) and all food and beverage venues that offer beverage service.
  • Please note that alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 per day.
  • The package is non-transferable and only one drink may be purchased at a time.

4. Coffee – New Grounds Coffee Card

  • The Coffee Card Promotion retails at USD 31,00, plus service charges of 18%, and allows passengers to redeem 15 specialty coffees throughout their voyage, in any location, where espresso/cappuccino service is offered.
  • This represents anything up to a 20% saving compared to purchasing these beverages individually.
  • Every time a guest requests a coffee a hole-punch is made in the coffee card until all 15 slots have been used.
  • The coffee card promotion includes all hot and cold beverages featured in the Cafe Selects Menu apart from the Green Tea Fusion Smoothies.
  • Please note: unused drinks cannot be transferred to the next cruise.

5. Bottled Water Packages

  • The package must be purchased before the cruise starts.
  • 12 bottles (500ml each) at a rate of USD 6,90  plus service charges of 18%
  • currently not offered on voyages departing from and returning to Australia and New Zealand.

Alcoholic drinks: Alcoholic drinks can only be purchased by and handed out to passengers who are 21 years of age and older.